Bitcoin SV launches a new hub on

The site serves as a one stop shop for everything relating to Bitcoin SV (BSV). It is a phased release with key features planned over time.

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22 Nov 2021

Today marks the re-launch of Bitcoin Association’s hub for all things BSV:

The site is intended to serve as a broad repository of information for everything relating to BSV. Whether you’re a newcomer to the BSV ecosystem or an experienced developer, the site has the information you need – or can tell you where to get it.

Now in its first phase, the site includes a high-level introduction to Bitcoin, a primer on the technical details of the BSV protocol, and information for current or prospective developers to get started building applications on the blockchain.

It also collates some of the most exciting projects already being developed using BSV and how you can find them. This is in no way meant to serve as a complete list of all of the interesting projects being built on BSV, and more are being added all the time.

In addition to the content already on, Bitcoin Association also has a roadmap for the future growth of the site.

In the coming months, it will expand even further to include detailed technical information and demonstrations of the BSV protocol, localization and the aggregation of the most important news from across the BSV ecosystem.

This is just the beginning. Eventually, will produce high value BSV-related content of its own while continuing to be the multi-purpose informational hub at the centre of the ecosystem.


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