Blacklist Manager for Digital Asset Recovery

In order to comply with applicable laws, it is mandatory for miners to process valid court orders regarding freezing of digital assets. By installing and running Blacklist Manager, miners are abiding by this mandate.


Where does Blacklist Manager feature in the digital asset recovery process?


Step 1

Miners install and run Blacklist Manager alongside their node, which should be running v1.0.9 or higher.

Step 2

Miners establish trust with Notaries and connect to them through their Blacklist Manager.

Step 3

The Notary acts analogously to a bailiff for conventional assets, translating legal documents into machine readable format and broadcasting it to miners.

Step 4

Miners receive the broadcast from a Notary delivered to their Blacklist Manager (MIT License), freezing the coins in question on the same consensus basis that the network uses now.

Blacklist Manager
Software & Documents
Digital Asset Blacklist Manager (BM)


A miner who does not install a Blacklist Manager risks being out of consensus with other nodes.

Allowing miners to connect to Notaries to receive court orders.

To ensure that miners don’t include transactions spending frozen UTXOs in their blocks.

Encourage wider adoption of Bitcoin’s innovative technology.

Blacklist Manager

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