​​​​​​Craig Wright is Satoshi, but how much does it matter? Part 2

What happens with Dr Wright will affect the timing but not the outcome of Bitcoin adoption which was inevitable as soon as blocks became unbounded.

Written by

Greg Bledsoe

Published On

23 Sep 2022

If someone investigates with an open mind the odds Craig Wright is Satoshi, it’s pretty absurd to conclude he isn’t almost certainly the legitimate article, and if he is, it explains pretty well the behaviour we see from Granath and his ilk.

They hope to destroy all counter narratives to the digital gold hypothesis represented by big blocks and smart contracts. By making Dr Wright the face of BSV and discrediting him, they hope to smother the power of Bitcoin represented by BSV in its crib before the secret gets out about what it can do.

A world built on proof-of-work

What drew me to Bitcoin wasn’t Dr Wright, but the world that can be built on the power of proof-of-work with those very unbounded blocks and smart contracts. Having an affordable, auditable, unforgable shared digital asset layer for commerce changes the game with micropayments front and center in that capability.

It was only after seeing what BSV can do and how it reignited the vision of Bitcoin from the white paper that had intrigued me originally that I looked into Dr Wright’s claims and concluded that it was likely he was at least the main part of the Satoshi team if not solely Satoshi. I’ve only grown more certain of that as time has gone on and more evidence has come out.

If Bitcoin is viable, the crypto industry is moot

The problem faced by the crypto-industrial complex is that it exists only because many myths like the trilemma (a widely held belief that decentralised networks can only provide two out of three benefits at any given time with respect to decentralisation, security, and scalability) that have been promulgated. If the technology to make micropayments and unbounded blocks is viable, then there is no need for any of these alt coins to exist.

If everything can be done with orders of magnitude more efficiency than they can manage, where do they fit? They don’t, and they know this very well, and so many resources have been deployed to prevent the original hypothesis of Bitcoin from being proved.

Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, it is already too late. The hypothesis has been proven. The trilemma is fake and Bitcoin’s ability to scale is unbounded.

Bitcoin’s results beats idealism

The BSV network regularly handles millions of transactions a day and is well situated to build any number of revolutionary new business models with this as the base layer of your stack for both payments and data.

Right now, many nascent businesses are regularly unveiling new uses for the capability unlocked by unbounded Bitcoin, and this is why their case against Bitcoin is lost – not because of some cult of personality around Dr Wright, or because he is some idealised paragon of virtue, but because the technology provably works, right now, today.

Bitcoin, the real Bitcoin, will win – the fight over the identity of Satoshi is interesting, if only as a case study in the unfair treatment of a neurologically atypical man, is completely ancillary to the primary outcome – which is who is right about Bitcoin.

Daily the false narratives around digital gold fall away – price continues and will continue its decline even as all the conditions like high inflation and fiat devaluation are met. And meanwhile price is secondary to the true measure of value for a blockchain – utilisation. BSV is the only place you can do the most interesting things and therefore the most interesting things are happening there.

Crypto tribalism is a brainless sideshow

That battle has been over a long time already – and the sideshows that expose the malice unleashed through financially motivated tribalism and the normalisation of brainless cruelty are just that – sideshows.

If the public comes to see through the organised smear campaigns and see that Dr Wright is Satoshi this can speed up the adoption of BSV which would absolutely be a good thing for humanity, but even if the public never accepts Dr Wright as Satoshi, BSV will still win because it is the only thing we have that can.


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