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Bitcoin SV is the most scalable and cost-effective public proof-of-work blockchain, with the lowest transaction fees.

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A Tokenised World

Blockchain technology can digitise assets such as train tickets, shares, memberships, etc. into tokens for ownership and transfer. Bitcoin SV, with a capacity of >100,000 transactions per second, is designed to handle high-speed token transfers. Tokenisation enables secure and efficient management of digital and physical assets. Create one!

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    Mape the Ape

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    Cyber Detective

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    The Sea Magazine, 4/2022

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    Writing History

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Give your NFT a real story.

Immutable Data Store

Bitcoin SV is a high-speed blockchain that also stores data securely. It is ideal for notarising important contracts, like land deeds, at a low cost. Experience the benefits by giving it a try.

Land Ownership Certificate

Mera County Land Deed.

Sign Property Deed

By clicking the digital sign button, you confirm above information and write it immutably to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Once written it can not be altered or deleted.