Introducing Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum for BSV’s technical community

Introducing a forum specifically for Bitcoin SV’s technical professionals (miners, developers, exchanges), the Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum.

Written by

Lizette Louw

Published On

11 May 2022

Earlier in May, Bitcoin Association for BSV launched its own Discord channel to serve as a community forum for those who want to discuss everyday topics around Bitcoin SV. 

This week, the association launched a forum specifically for Bitcoin SV’s technical professionals, the Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum.

With the launch of the website in April 2022, the association increased its support to service providers, those who run nodes or process transactions (miners). Although this resource offers technical documentation, the only support this group had was on Telegram. While Telegram is useful in some regards, it proves troublesome when an ongoing discussion gets interrupted by conversation around a different topic, making it difficult to resolve technical issues. 

The new Discourse forum offers more structure, making it easy to keep conversations focussed on certain topics to facilitate both technical support for developers and service providers, and community decision-making around things like miners’ block size limit or the minimum transaction fees. 

Another big advantage of the Discourse forum is that it’s searchable to search engines, making it easy to find discussions relating to your topics of interest. 

Discourse categories

To get started with, the Discourse forum offers you a getting started guide and FAQs and invites new users to introduce yourself and share your Bitcoin story.

Discussion categories include:

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