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Bitcoin Association has launched the official Bitcoin SV Discord channel, a place to discuss everything related to the BSV blockchain.

Written by

Jamie McKane

Published On

13 Apr 2022

Bitcoin Association for BSV has launched the official Bitcoin SV Discord channel, a public space for the discussion of all things related to the BSV blockchain and the exciting applications and services being built on the BSV network.

The Bitcoin SV Discord channel is an open community for both established members of the BSV ecosystem and newcomers, allowing users to engage, learn and participate in a discussion around various aspects of the original Bitcoin protocol and the BSV blockchain, which is the only public blockchain that scales unbounded and can deliver a new Internet of value built on a scalable architecture with native payment and data processing.

Traders, developers and entrepreneurs are all welcome on the Bitcoin SV Discord channel, with conversations revolving around consumer-facing applications, network engineering, economics, token prices and more.

The channel supports nine different languages and has multiple sub-channels, including for discussions around development, investment, applications, business cases, trading, mining, and blockchain-based games.

The Bitcoin SV Discord channel also includes a job board for job postings and an event channel for sharing everything from community meetups to official events by Bitcoin Association and other organisations within the BSV ecosystem. It will offer a wealth of resources to newcomers, developers and entrepreneurs, allowing them to quickly learn about the BSV blockchain and its unique scaling and data functionality.

One of the primary goals of the channel is to facilitate communication between the different sectors of the BSV ecosystem, allowing developers to speak directly with investors, entrepreneurs to chat with end-users and those interested in adopting BSV blockchain to learn from the community directly working with the technology.

Bitcoin Association for BSV aims for the official Bitcoin SV Discord channel to become a hub for open discussion and debate around the BSV protocol and ecosystem, providing the global BSV community with a platform on which to share their experience with BSV and connect with the developers and businesses building on the blockchain.

Join the official Bitcoin SV Discord channel by clicking here.


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