infrastructureThe Core Structure

Bitcoin SV Node

Nodes are the essential Bitcoin core infrastructure. They not only propagate and mine transactions by appending transactions to the blockchain, but also validate previous blocks.


The BSV Core Infrastructure

Bitcoin SV has a professional Node development team that ensures maximum scalability and robustness.

SVNode Software

The Bitcoin White paper clearly defines that a node must create and distribute valid blocks to be deemed such. Though other entities may be a ‘node’ in an overlay network graph, they have no status in respect to enforcing the Bitcoin protocol. Therefore, BSV node software is only for miners.

In Development


The game theoretical design of the Bitcoin protocol ensures that as transaction throughput increases, competition between nodes creates to a race to the bottom for transaction costs. This is the optimal dynamic to deliver unbounded scalability for a global data commodity ledger which can only be achieved through BSV node software implementations.


Workload across multiple machines working parallel to each other.

Modular Scalability

Fostering best practice change management processes, external security audits and lucrative bug bounty programme.
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