Reliable open source software, providing the fundamental requirements for mining enterprises, to mine efficiently and at their peak.

Bitcoin SV Infrastructure

BitcoinSV’s infrastructure allows for unbounded scaling, exceptional performance, and immense interoperability, all while being easily implementable and manageable.

Node Software

Reliable open source software that provides the fundamental requirements for transaction processing enterprises to mine efficiently and effectively for greater profitability.

"Only people trying to create new coins would need to run network nodes."

Satoshi Nakamoto, 2008
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Lite Client

Bitcoin SV’s LiteClient makes Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) communications faster and more secure, allowing for services to deal only with transactions deemed relevant for their own activities, without the need to retain records for the entire network.
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Teranode is Bitcoin SV’s solution to the challenges of vertical scaling by instead spreading the workload across multiple machines. This horizontal scaling approach enables network capacity to grow with increasing demand through the addition of cluster nodes, allowing for Bitcoin scaling to be truly unbounded.
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Digital Asset Recovery Process

Participating in the digital asset recovery process ensures that miners comply with valid court orders to leverage the capabilities of the Bitcoin public ledger to advance more honesty, transparency and accountability in the world.